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saw Details about 【NEW】 REBEL 【8IN1 ELECTRIC EPILATOR】

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Epilator remove hair from the root, the results last longer than shaving and without any harmful to our skin , skin become smooth immediately after first time epilating. The result can lasting about two weeks time or more .Additionally, epilators can generally remove shorter hair (even 2mm and above) hairs than other hair removing methods. Facial gadget at home.

An epilator is a fairly and inexpensive purchase, More importantly, purchasing an epilator is a one-time expense, unlike the purchase of shaving equipment, or waxing and surgery.

The epilators head consists of series of discs. As the head rotates, the metal plates are continuously pinched together and plucking like a tweezer. Multiple hairs are simultaneously caught by closing metal plates, which continue to rotate plucking hairs out from the root.

The epilation system removes hair from the root with 60 pcs Tweezer plates, Rebel epilator head made from a rough stainless steel material micro grip that grabs hair firmly, even fine hairs won’t slip from its grid.

Smooth hair removing experiences
Remove hair with just 1 button and speed control without applying anything . Hair regrowth and Long lasting result - from 2 - 3 weeks
Rechargeable, Cordless use & Ergonomic grip for comfortable handling
100% Water Resistant - Can use it when shower
Convenience for travelling - lightweight and portable
One-off cost - no need for costly replacement parts
Suitable for upper lips ,armpit ,hands , legs even pubic hair
Premium quality materials and efficiently removes unwanted or undesired hair. Efficient epilation system removes hair from the root with 60 tweezers Widely Epilator head to remove more hairs

Product Specifications

Epilation discs: Stainless Steel discs

Epilation system: Patented epilation system

Epilator head: 30 mm Extra wide

Speed settings: 2 settings (Level 1 & 2)

Wet and dry use: Yes

Opti-light: Yes

Cordless: Yes

Handle: Ergonomic

Boxes dimensions:24cm x 6.5cm x 21.5cm

Device : 15.5cm (h)

Weight : 0.52kg

Device weight : 0.17kg

Battery type : Lithium -ion

Battery capacity : 1400 maH

Usage time : up to 10 hrs

Charging : Rechargeable

charging time : 2 hours

Quick Charges: Yes

Voltage : 5v

It come with interchangeable heads for hairs to heels experience
Main device to operate the whole machine
* Epilator head ( Main function remove hair from root)
* Trimmer Head ( trim bikini line and eyebrow)
* Shaver head ( trimming beards without plucking )
* Massager head (relaxing your muscle )
* Facial brush head ( deep cleansing, exfoliating )
* Body Brush head ( deep cleansing, exfoliating )
* Callus removal head ( remove dead skin and cells on foots)
* Epilator Cap ( cover the head )
* Trimmer Cap (cover the head )
* Shaver Cap ( cover the head )
* Facial brush cap ( cover the head )
* Body brush cap ( cover the head )
* Callus removal cap( cover the head)
* Cleaning brush (clean up the hair after epilation)
* Charging Stand (charging purpose )
* USB Cable (charging purpose )