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What's garment iron steamer?

Our REBEL Garment Iron Steamer is easy to operate when in use. It can be used when it is plugged in and just switch on. It has a fast steam output and does not require high skills for users. It can be easily used by novices.

Garment ironing machine performs ironing in a natural hanging state, and the nozzle is at a certain distance from the clothes, so it is not easy to scald the clothes. When using, you only need to aim the air nozzle at the clothes, which can quickly and easily iron the clothes.

The high-temperature steam of the garment ironing machine is particularly environmentally friendly, and has the effects of dust removal, sterilization, disinfection, and mite removal.

Our iron steamer can be using with ‘Vertical Steaming’ and also ‘Horizontal Steaming’. Vertical Steaming - First of all, hang the clothes on the hanger properly. Then direct the steam nozzle towards the garment from the tap to bottom part. And is important pull the tail of the clothes slightly tight with your free hand to make the steaming effectively. Horizontal Steaming - At first, place the clothes on the ironing board or resistant surface. Then just direct the steam nozzle plate closely on the garment and move back and forward motion.

REBEL Know How

Makes ironing quick and easy
  1. Fold down the handle till you can hearing the ‘clip’ sound.
  2. Unveil the tank sealing cover, filling pure water to reservoir with the measuring cup
  3. Pull the switch to ‘on’ the unit, the indicated light will be flicker while heating up for around 25 seconds and keep on while ready continues your steaming
  4. After finished using it, just turn off the switch and unplug the power cord

Product Specifications


Colour : White

Material : Zinc Alloy

Nozzle Plate Material : Aluminium

Operation Method : Mechanical

Weight : 0.63kg

Water Tank Capacity : 100ml

Size : 170 x 90 x 170 mm


Plug : Malaysia 3 pin plug

Voltage : 220V-240V

Watt : 900W

What’s inside the box

1x Iron Steamer Device
1x Cloth cover holder
1x Cotton Cover
1x Measuring Cup