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What is Epilator Plus?

Epilator is a device which we called it as epilation. Epilation is kind of hair removal which removed our body hairs by uprooting from bottom of our skin. It can last the results about 10 to 14 days or even more than that. Epilation is the most safety and won’t cause any side effects a after using it. In additional, by using epilation method, short and fine hairs can be easily removed compare with other kind of hair removal

Why Epilator Plus?
By using epilator, is just a one time purchase for removal equipment, don’t need any replacement for epilation ,save cost and simplify your lifestyle.

Epilator head is made of metal plates combine with tweezers grips , rotations in speed which consists of a disc to uproot body hairs. While the rotation happens, the metal disc are pinched closely to plucks multiple hairs in a direction.

Epilation system used to uproot  every body hairs by using micro grip tweezers with wider disc plates of 60pcs . Smooth and fast rotation to removed every single hair on our body .

Whats is NEW ?
Trimmer compartments suitable for bikini line and facial hair, upper lips hair. Can be use on fine tiny hairs too . External stand for FAST CHARGING purpose.

Which part to use ?
This set is suitable for whole body use. Epilator use for hand, leg, underarms, facial, upper lips, bikini line.

How to use it?
Device come with an on/off push button in dual speed setting as well. Very suitable for newbies to use as u can control the speed while using it .Long-lasting results after epilation up to 14 days.
It can be use for cord or cordless and it s rechargeable with USB or fast charging stand provided.
IPX7 waterproof, can be use for wet and dry use .
Easy to hand carry during travel.
Large battery capacity of 1400mAh.
Suitable for whole body use .
Special set specific use on bikini line as it came along with Trimmer function (New Function).

Features or REBEL Epilator Plus
Epilation Disc : Stainless Steel

Epilation system : Patented Epilation system

Epilator head : Extra 30mm wider

Speed setting : Dual speed with 1&2

Wet & Dry use : Definitely

Opti - light : Yes

Cordless: Yes

Handle : Ergonomic

Dimension of box : 23L x 25W x 7H

Device : 16.5 cm (H)

Weight: 0.77 kg

Weight of Device : 0.17 kg

Power : 5w

Battery type: Lithium -ion

Battery capacity: 1400 mAh

Usage time : up to 6 hours

Fast charging : Yes

What is in a box?
Main device operate with epilator compartment
Epilator compartment (uproot has its from bottom of skin)
Trimmer compartment (trim bikini hairs and facial hairs)
Foot Callus ( remove dead skin on feet)
Facial Brush (exfoliating skin and deep clean)
Massager (full body massage ,helps in blood circulation and relaxing muscles)
Shaver (For men use on beard and trim undercutting)
Epilator cap
Shaver cap
Foot callus cap
Stand for Fast charging
USB for charging
Facial Brush cap